“The stories in this book are about a reality that only the courageous will read.  Truth is hard, and breaking through denial and excuse is painful.    It is easier for adults to project trust rather than prepare for professional ambivalence towards children in the system of public education.  The stories in this book are about children lost, when professional ambivalence in public education compromised parents' efforts to keep their children safe.”
Catherine A. Hogan, MSW, LCSW (CT) - Former President, Connecticut Association of School Social Workers

“On April 16, 2002, my son, 14-year-old Jon Gettle, left his home during the night, walked 200 yards to his middle school and hung himself outside the 8th grade hallway. His note said, "Bullying is a problem".  These seven moms will never be alone in their suffering.   Cathy Gettle (NY) – Mother of Jon Gettle

“I received the book on Friday and read it cover to cover by 11:30 PM that night!   Although tears poured down my face, I felt the need to read on and on!  After reading the book, I realize I have so much more to learn about depression and the signs to watch for.  It also made me acutely aware of the cunning behavior that bullies possess.  Their parents portray the undercurrent of pain and stress that these victims have had to endure in a loving and compassionate manner!  Since I work in an elementary school, I experience the reporting and handling of bullying in its many forms.  A single, yet very important point I emphasize to staff and students is that, if a student comes to us and reports an incident (to an adult, as required and requested in our school policy); it is our profound duty to address it with a serious and dedicated approach.  I have learned that by the time the information is reported, the bullying has already reached a level that the student feels they cannot manage it on their own.  Education is the key.”   Renee Hassebroek (TX) Corinne's Aunt

"Hard hitting and straight forward, Bullycide in America factually exemplifies a major problem in schools across America. Be it physical, verbal, or psychological, bullying is real!  Moreover, authorities often insist it does not exist in their school, but bullying does not discriminate. It is in all schools, all across America.  Bullying is responsible for student health problems, stress, depression, fear, anxiety, humiliation, and poor grades. And yes, sadly, it is responsible at times for teen suicide and school shootings. Bullycide in America reveals the grief of parents and family members of victims of bullying because the system failed them.  This is a sad reality of contemporary life in America, that bullying flourishes in our public school system.  The true reality is that it is there, in our public school systems, that bullying must be addressed by everyone involved...teachers, parents, and all those connected with the school.”   Robert Jae Skye (VT) - Author and Bullying Prevention Advocate

"Never have I been so impacted by a book as I have been with Bullycide in America:  Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection.  From the moment I received the book, held it in my hands and read through the stories of dozens of innocent children who died an untimely death, my life shifted forever.  With each story, tears rolled down my cheeks, as my heart weigh heavy.  I cannot begin to comprehend the loss a parent experiences when their child chooses to end their life because they can no longer endure the pain of being bullied.  Once you read the stories from parents who lost their children to bullying, you will you never be able to ignore this silent epidemic.  Bullycide in America will send ripples through the halls of our schools, impact the conversations at the dinner table and leave you ready to to take whatever action you can to stop the destructive chain of the bullying/suicide connection in our youth.  Bullycide in America promises to change our culture forever. The images will never leave your psyche and will forever stay etched in your mind and heart. You WILL be moved to action"   Kathleen Gage (OR) Professional Speaker, Writer, Coach, Internet Marketing Consultant & Specialist

“The book, Bullycide in America, is written from the heart and soul and has made me realize I am not the only person to endure this type of tragedy.   It is written by courageous Mothers speaking out about their sadness of losing a child due to bullying.  Their love, heartache, disappointment, laughter, grief, and sadness are all portrayed by their words.  Although the content of this book may be difficult to read in print, it is a rude awakening to see the number of children who are enduring the pain of bullying daily.   This book will serve to parents, teachers and children in raising awareness of the effects of bullying no matter how big or small. “ Deborah Michalenka (RI)    In Loving Memory of Jeffrey Michalenka, who died by bullycide, 6/6/90 – 6/13/06 (Age 16)

“… I am now on page 100 into Kristina’s story.  From what I have read so far, it really takes the paint off the wall with me. Your book reminds me of the way I was treated as a kid with name-calling, getting beat up for no reason, kids taking advantage of me…teachers did not want to hear it and some teachers said I deserved it.
I remember reading about Benjamin Brewer, a 15-year-old Delaware student who threw himself in front of a train in February 2004 because he had been bullied for three years.  Your Book is excellent and I hope it will make schools more aware of what is going on.”  Douglas Chapman (OH) Bullying Survivor

 “Bullycide in America” is the penned words of Mothers about the vivacity of their children and is truly heart melting.  Along with these families sharing their nightmare, it also gives truths about depression and how to stop bullying in our schools. Today we can only read about the shadows left behind of these vibrant youth’s journey as a messenger of destruction invaded their innocent heart and left an adolescent fishing for love, comfort, warmth, direction, security which finally defunct  a memorable youth.   Much gratitude is given for this book, as it is the beginning of the awakening of this Nations' bullying in schools. The landmark of bullying needs to be removed as it makes no friendship with the understanding.  Our homes, our community, our schools, our states, and our Nation must step into this mouth of corruption not to balance this shame, but to begin the end of it.”   Gregory D Anderson (TN)

“These stories were heart wrenching and powerful and will leave an indelible impression on everyone who reads them. They had considerable resonance for me since I was relentlessly bullied myself as a child and have spent much of my adulthood trying to recover from the experience. What I found most poignant and haunting about the stories is that these were all children who had parents who clearly loved them and tried hard to advocate for them and protect them, but were unable to save them because of the indifference of the school and legal authorities who declined to take action - they saw bullying as a normal part of growing up.”  Pat Whalen (NY)

“…Bullycide in America brings out a very serious issue that needs to be address very rigorously.  Our children are our future, we need to protect them.” Patricia Toler (MD)

"Truly amazing. Each story compels tears, anger, compassion, anxiety and hope that by telling their stories these mothers have made their children live again in each of us who read this book."   Carter B. Myers (TX) – Director of AnComm




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